Boost Engagement


People Pictures Command Our Attention

Pictures taken by peers, friends and family are a lot more engaging than pictures taken by a business. More engagement means more time spent interacting with your brand. Satisfied customer selfies with your business in the background is close to marketing mecca!

Personal Stories Keep our Attention Longer

Customer photos showcasing unsolicited positive experiences are fun to look at and easy to like. Images with this level of authenticity are captivating, compelling and encourage the kind of connection which will eventually lead to more interest in your business.



Ad Engagement 700% Higher Using UGC Pictures.

When using UGC images in your digital advertising the engagement rate is 7 times greater as reported by Facebook


UGC Gets 400% Higher Click Through Rates

When using UGC in your advertising you will get a reported 4 times increase in click through rates as documented in a study by Shopify


Ad Engagement 500 % Higher Using UGC Pictures

A study by Salesforce shows a increase of approximately 5 times the engagement when ads use UGC are being displayed