Build Trust


People Trust People More Than Companies

Customer photos, also known as User Generated Content (UGC) are the word of mouth advertising in social media. These types of images when shared among friends and family is considered the most trusted form of photography for your advertising and promotions. Building trust boosts your bottom line.

The Most Trusted Pictures Come From Social Media

The most credible form of advertising comes from our peers, friends and family in the form of images posted online in social circles. Because they're unsolicited, these images are powerful tools when used in your advertising and marketing efforts. When people posting their experiences online have nothing to gain, there opinion carries more weight.



Say Friends and Family Referrals are the Most Believable

These findings from a recent Neilsen Report state the respondents say recommendations from friends and family is the most trusted form of recommendation.


Friend Endorsements are More Likely to Trigger Purchases

High-impact recommendations from trusted friends are 500% more likely to trigger a purchase highlights the power of social recommendations as reported in a survey by McKensey & Company


of Millennials Find New Products on Social

The most trust worthy place where Millennials typically find out about new products is on Social Media sites as mentioned in a report by Ipsos SMX