Social ROI


Double and Triple Digit Returns are the Norm

You can't argue with the numbers and the numbers speak for themselves. It's a unanimous decision that these types of photos and videos are the best you can get for your advertising and marketing. Use them in your social, on your website, in your email and in all of your promotions for a better return.

You Can't go wrong with Customer Generated Content

Customer generated photos benefit your business. They're engaging, trustworthy, build community and organically enforce your brand. These are the photos people are accustomed to sharing online these days and they come with an almost 80% approval rating. The returns here are fantastic!



All your Social Media Campaigns Will See a Lift in Engagement

When customer photos were used in ongoing social media campaigns half of all companies surveyed saw a lift in engagement according to Salesforce


Your Email Campaigns Will See a Lift in Click Through Rates

Increase in email click through rates when UGC is included has seen an seventy three percent lift as reported in a study done by Salesforce


Most Businesses Advertise Online, if You're One You'll Benefit

Almost every business uses some form of online advertising. Social Media Today found that ninety percent of B2C brands regularly use Facebook ads.